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GT3R-GenII Porsche Refuelling Coupler

Brand: Krontec
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GT3R-GenII Porsche Refuelling Coupler

Krontec RFC-89-K-GT3R-GenII Refuelling coupler "ONLY" c/w 2 x 38mm Hose Tails for connection to your Pit Stop Fuel Rig so you can connect to the car "Nipple". This is specific to fit the Porsche 2019 GT3R GenII to enable easy connection due to the vehicle design in the refuelling area.

You may also wish to look at the Part number RFC-89-K-GT3RGenIILM or RFC-89-K-XT-LM (Locking Mechanism) for further enhancements, you will also need to update the car side "Nipple" if considering the "LM" version.
See the Locking Mechanism video against the Part numbers: RFC-89-K-GT3RGenIILM, RFC-89-K-XT-LM and RFC-89-TN-LM.

This product is the latest version of the Krontec RFC Refuelling system now with improved knowledge and an investment in state of the art technology, CFD and our expertise in integrated systems we have taken all of our customers feedback and have redesigned the system to incorporate the following improvements combining the best performance with reduced spillage, improving safety.

* Reduced number of moving parts
* Improved knowledge and capability in design and manufacture
* Improved clearance and control to minimise spillage
* Minimised number of joints
* Lower friction on all moving parts due to a new high resistant and conductive layer
* Increased flow rate by up to 10,7% due to streamlined design and CFD simulation
* The weight of the fuel valve has been reduced by 30%
* The 2nd Generation RFC-89 is entirely interchangeable with the original RFC-88, allowing existing customers to upgrade easily!


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