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SAFETY SET (4PCS) BMW 235i & 240i

Brand: Krontec
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$1,772.32 incl. GST
$1,329.24 incl. GST

SAFETY SET (4PCS) BMW 235i & 240i

This is the complete set (of 4) safety stands for the BMW 235i (from 2015) and 240i (from 2020) vehicles.

Set includes: two front and two rear.

For this set to fit your vehicle you should have Krontec Air Jacks already fitted (e.g. 2 x LL-24 Front Air Jacks and 2 x LL-32 Rear Air Jacks). There may be extra letters or numbers after the series model on the air jacks. To ensure you get the right safety stands please advise your model number and serial number off the side of the air jacks at time of enquiry.

Please contact us if you are unsure if this set suits your vehicle so we can ensure that you get what need, right out of the box!

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