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Sub-Micronic Canister Filter 1/2" NPT

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Sub-Micronic Canister Filter 1/2" NPT

Motor Guard M60 Sub-Micronic Canister Filter with 1/2" Side Entry Inlet & Outlet.

Remove oil and water particles from the air with a greater degree of efficiency using the MotorGuard Comp Air Filter. This compressed air filter utilizes a distinct method of filtration to create a labyrinth of sub-micronic openings from the interlocking fibers on the fabric surfaces. This enables capturing particles as tiny as .01 microns. The patented compression technique preserves a suitable filter density, ensuring optimum efficiency with a minimum drop in pressure at a good flow rate.

The M-60 air compressor filter model provides very clean air. The filter is a disposable and non-degrading type that is free of parts that can contaminate the system. This filtration unit enables a maximum flow of 100 CFM at 80 PSI. It is recommended that you use this model of air filter at the wall drop. It features 1/2 inch ports to enable installing directly in-line on rigid air lines.

Key Features of the MotorGuard Comp Air Filter:

Helps in effective removal of oil and water from the air
Mounts directly
Ultra-filtration of compressed air
Filters particles as tiny as .01 microns
Technical Specifications

Port Size 1/2" NPT
Max. Flow @ 5.5BAR 2831L/Min 100cfm
Max. Pressure 8.6BAR 125PSI
Max. Temperature 79°C
Removal Rating 0.01microns

Replacement Element: M-723

These compressed air filters utilise the dual compression concept and are designed to remove oil aerosols, smokes, condensed moisture and sub-micronic solid particles from compressed air and vacuum lines.
They provide high efficiency filtration with high flow rates and an acceptable pressure drop in a small, compact housing. Their efficiency is illustrated by the fact that you can manually blow through the unit without difficulty, but the air will not pass tobacco smoke. The filters should be installed to supplement rather than replace any existing moisture traps, dryers and filters in the air lines.
The conventional equipment should remove most of the moisture and solid contaminants above certain specified size and the Motor Guard filter will remove a high percentage of the remaining condensed moisture, oil aerosols and sub-micronic particles from the air.

Applications for Motor Guard filters include the following:
* Plasma cutting systems
* Spray painting shops
* Pneumatic controls
* Air drying
* Food processing
* Instrumentation systems
* Air bearings
* Circuit board manufacture
* Plating solution agitation
* Magnetic tape drives
* Fluidic controls
* Gas chromatography

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