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25L Refuelling Bottle c/w DUAL Ø2" Probe

Brand: ATL
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SKU: RE-AA-033
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25L Refuelling Bottle c/w DUAL Ø2" Probe

25L Refueling Bottle c/w135° angled neck fitted with Ø2" Male Probe (Fill) and seperated Ø2" Male Probe (Vent) for 'closed loop' refuelling.
This unit is used for vehicles that have the vent "port" on the opposite side to the fill "port", yet still permits closed loop refuelling.

Specification (items you get):
1 x 25 litre Capacity Bottle c/w 135° angled neck
1 x Dual seprated Ø2" Male Probes
1 x "breather line"
And all required clamps

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