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Brand: Krontec
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SKU: QR-30-03B-22P
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Krontec BIG Quick Release steering coupler 3 BOLT HOLE Pattern, FEMALE HALF ONLY with 22 pin electrical/data connections fitted. This is the steering wheel side that fits into either the welded boss or the bolt-on male half (see Related Products). This fits steering wheels with a 3 bolt hole pattern.

Comes with the 22 Pin contacts to be fitted to the connector, and also a basic insert/extraction tool.
This part fits into the matching QR-33 or QR-33-22P and the 3 Bolt hole versions QR-33-03B-S and QR-33-03B-S-22P Male Boss quick release coupling part which bolt on to the steering column, or the welded boss versions or your choice.

A true ZERO "slop" steering quick release. Few parts in the motorsport industry are really revolutionary - but this one is definitely the market leader!

This coupling is unique in many ways. Splined products do not offer zero "slop" movement, and suffer from wear issues and they age, becoming sloppy. Most brands also don't index the wheel so it is straight when you click it on, and as well, they do not give you a positive lock indication so you know the wheel is in fact securely locked on the car. With this product you can forget all of these issues, it just works, and very well at that!

The Krontec steering coupling system is completely different. You can see all options related to this steering quick release in our site - such as weld on bosses. We can even supply the couplings with Professional German electrical connectors fitted, allowing your data to be neatly passed through the coupling point and avoid ugly and cumbersome cables.

The Male portion of the boss is both tear-shaped and tapered depth-wise. This coupling centers the steering wheel perfectly and glides on with absolute ease, whilst providing complete confidence your steering wheel is 100% locked and cannot come off unintentionally.

One of the most critical components to your vehicle is the steering components, can you afford to be without our solution - we believe not!

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